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My dear good Parents and Children,

Education is in its third pace of paradigm shift. This quantum jump happens as a result of constant efforts to transmit education more effectively to our young generation. We need to focus more on creating thinking and feeling individuals than mere data- filled automatons. Unfortunately, in its long run to modernize education, at least a few of us have struck the wrong note by filling the lives of our students with mere mugged-up bookish knowledge.

'Education is the ability to meet life's situation'. Hence we educate, we should seek to educate our children in 'life' and not impart mere knowledge. Alas... one of the ways in which we destroy this aim of education is by making our children blind followers of set ideas and standards. Our children are caught up with the idea of 'Brand Names'. A good many of us seek branded gadgets and clothing in the market. At some point we want our children to be 'branded' with the best of things which they don't really need at all for their age. By doing this we cause them to close their individuality and blindly go by the herd instinct. In the bargain what we have is a generation that places a greater emphasis on labels and riches than on values and individuality. What we really need to do is not brand our children but bring out of them their real essence and make them realize their own potential and self-worth. Lourde Mount makes a small attempt to attain this.

We need to mould, in our Educational institutions, the flame bearers of the nation. Only education in a right mould can do this, and not branded lives. I am sure Loude Mount School is going forward in the right way in making children dream their life and walk to their right end. I wish and pray that we mould flame bearers, who will illumine the darkness of poverty, illiteracy, communal violence and racial discrimination. May they dare to dream their own tomorrow that belongs to them and believe in their ability to create a better world.

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